front door ghost: Cycles

Ghosts at the door. front door ghost (fdg) is a growing project of pop-up exhibitions creating free and intimate spaces. Hosted in apartments without charge, they foster ideas, conversation, and action.

The second fdg exhibition was held on January 18th, 2018. While continuing its goal of community sharing, the exhibition focused on self-performance.

The exhibition presents self-portraits, photography, videos, performance, and a make-up station. Artists include: fdg (Don Bell, Mengna Da, Gabriel Fernandez, Manuel Lopez), Max Mauro, Shababa Martin, Caitlin Monahan, Raciantau, Hayden Sitomer.

It was a camera free event which navigates a creative and connected off-line space while critically rejecting digital surveillance. Therefore, there is no photo/video/social-media post of the night.


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