front door ghost: Goodbye to All That

Ghosts at the door. front door ghost (fdg) is a growing project of pop-up exhibitions creating free and intimate spaces. Hosted in apartments without charge, they foster ideas, conversation, and action.


The inaugural fdg exhibition was held on Aug. 12, 2017, featuring young artists collaborating with the community through a domestic environment. The artwork is diverse in tone and medium with a focus on community and site-specificity. Artists, hosts, and visitors altogether built a shared, fluid, interconnected web of concepts – ranging from gender and pornography to the current climate crisis.

Artists include: Mengna Da, Tam Jumbala, Manuel Lopez, Caitlin Monahan, Raciantau, Ivan Rios-Fetchko, Anthony Stephen, Qingshan WangHannah Winkler, Sixing Xu, Yidan ZengApril Zhang.

Curated by: Mengna Da; Hosted by: Don Bell, Mengna Da, Gabriel Fernandez, Manuel Lopez, April Zhang.

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