RED REGATTA: riflessi

Melissa McGill’s photography series born out of her larger social project in Venice

Whose Reality?

Augmented Reality as Public Art

Perilous Bodies

Body is a battleground. Body is a weapon. Body is testimony of endless fights against racial, class, and sexual oppression.



Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel

Like all of Lucas’s work, it is as poetic as it is vulgar, as sincere as it is ironic, as empowering as it is depressing, and as meaningful as it is mundane.

If Only the Cloud Knows: Interview with Li Shuang

Li Shuang has never stopped questioning what technology and globalization mean for individuals in her art.

Animated Contradictions: Interview with Wong Ping

fun, twisted and contradictory—qualities that shine through in Wong’s short animated films, installations, and my conversation with the artist.


借波士顿当代艺术博物馆的大展“互联网时代的艺术——1989至今” ,浅谈互联网、艺术、历史与所谓“变革”

A Darkly Comic Animated Film Set on China’s Urban-Rural Fringe

Have a Nice Day is a stark, ruthless, and true-to-life movie about people living on the urban-rural fringe of China today.

In The Shape of Water, Small Acts of Rebellion Make a Splash

Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, about a mute cleaning woman who liberates and falls in love with a humanoid amphibian monster, is intimate in scale but tells a potent story of empowerment.

The Transformation of Ritual

Even as a top-of-the-line party that offers a gateway into China, the exhibition is undeniably a towering monument of nostalgia rather than the flying banner of a glorious revolution.



The Many Arms of Takashi Murakami’s Career

A retrospective at the MCA Chicago charts the many strands of Murakami’s painting practice, from his early Nihonga style to recent Buddhist iconography.

Jordan Wolfson Evades the Politics of His Violent Images

At a screening of his work at the New Museum, the artist failed to acknowledge the privilege that lets him reduce violence to an aesthetic form.

Surveying Landscapes for Clues to Political Violence

Two films made almost 50 years apart use silent shots of landscapes to examine the conditions that drove two young people to criminality.

Criminal Con-artists Explore Surveillance at SPRING/BREAK

The barbershop was just a “subterfuge.” What was hidden behind the shop was a control room surveilling Times Square.



Symposium: Cultural Melting Bath: New Work on Contemporary Art and the Environment in Japan and Beyond

an ongoing research on Teshima Art Museum in the Sato Inland Sea area, Japan.